Refund Policy of Next Level: IG Academy 


Next Level: IG Academy participants can request a refund for their purchase within 60 days of enrolment, should they decide the program was not the right fit for their business. Due to the digital nature of the product, any refund requests submitted after 60 days will be denied. Refund requests should be sent to [email protected]

For a refund to be granted, the participant must submit the required supporting documents alongside their request. Should the participant request a refund and fail to submit the required supporting documents by the 60th day, their refund request will be denied. JADE BEASON LTD reserves the right to reject or deny any refund requests at their discretion. 

Refunds will be granted to participants who JADE BEASON LTD believes has made a considerable effort to complete the program’s contents and implement the strategies taught throughout the program. To demonstrate this, the participant must provide all of the following:

a) Screenshots of a completed audience profiling worksheet, completed competitor analysis worksheet (including all three tabs), completed value offering workbook, completed goals workbook, and completed strategic planning framework (including two tabs)

b) A link to the participants Instagram account for review. This account must prove that all strategies have been implemented to the best of the participants' ability. 

c) Screenshots to prove that the participant completed the 30 day challenge including proof of each daily activity 

d) Proof of active participation, engagement, and responsiveness in the Next Level: IG Academy Facebook group 

e) Screenshots to prove the participant has made an effort to ask questions when experiencing challenges during the program, either on the Facebook community or via email 

f) A one-page write up on the top 3 lessons you learned from the program and a fair reason of why you think the program didn’t work for you  

Participants must also have completed 80% of the course contents; this will be demonstrated by the progress bar accessible via the Kajabi course portal. 

JADE BEASON LTD do not offer refunds for the following: 

a) Attempts to use the refund policy as a way to opt-out of any existing financial obligation and/or payment plan already committed to us upon signing up for our program

b) Change of business direction after purchasing this course

Disclaimer: It is the customer’s responsibility to review our sales page and terms and conditions before purchasing, using, or accessing any of JADE BEASON LTD’s products and programs. JADE BEASON LTD do not offer refunds for those who do not do their due diligence to ensure the course is the right purchase for their business. It is clearly stated on the sales page that this program is suitable for service and product businesses, and that participants must have an understanding of how to navigate Instagram before purchasing. JADE BEASON LTD does not offer partial refunds for any programs and exclusive bonuses and course extensions are non-refundable under any circumstances